Q: Can i edit my order after it's placed?


Q: Do you charge for delivery

A: Yes as long as you contact us within a few hours of the order being placed. 

0800-8686-74992 (0800 totopizza) We will call you regardless to confirm your order once we receive your email or YQ order. 

A:  Any orders under $200 incurs a delivery charge. 

Q: What is YQ?

A: YQ is a mobile phone app that gives your customer the ability to pre order and pay for their goods direct from their mobile, with the added ability to get rewards at the same time.

Q: Is YQ secure?

A: YQ has integrated with "DPS Payment Express" as our payment gateway provider. The capture of any merchant or customer credit card details is completed through a PCI Compliant secure DPS hosted site for storage and tokenisation. Tokenisation is where a token is sent to the device that only DPS recognizes that enables seamless payment of goods and services from YQ during future purchases.